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Why Sealing Your Grout Is Important?

When you install new tiles on your walls, floors or countertops, a grout is formed. Protecting grout with a sealer once it is clean would be a right and smart decision.  Sealing of grout has many benefits that make your home look clean and more beautiful. Following are some of the reasons to emphasize on the importance of sealing your grout:

Highly vulnerable

Unsealed grout is highly vulnerable to stains, mould and bacteria. Grout consist of sand and cement which is highly porous and absorbs liquid very easily.

Thus, any liquid which has colour can leave a stain. Once the grout is dry, it is ready to absorb any liquid. Moreover, once a stain is left over the grout, you cannot clean it. The only solution is to remove it and replace. Therefore, it becomes necessary to always seal a grout to make it waterproof and last longer.

To prevent moulds

Grout is highly susceptible to moulds because of high porosity. Once a grout is wet, it is ready for the mould to grow. Mould in grout is impossible to deal with and the only solution left is to remove the grout and install a new grout.

The mould formation takes place inside the grout and starts growing inside it. As a result, the only solution is to treat the affected area with a fungicide. Therefore, to avoid this troublesome task, it is always better to seal the grout.

Extends life

Unsealed grout can wear down faster in comparison to a properly sealed grout. Once you install the tiles, let the grout rest for about 3 days. This not only adds to the appearance of the tile but also boosts its durability.

Saves the money

Installing expensive tiles and investing in beautiful floors or countertops becomes pointless if its appearance is ruined by stained and grimy grout. Unsealed grout needs to be removed and replaced very frequently. Thus, to make the best out of your investment and to save your money, it becomes essential to seal the grout.

Grout Cleaning Services Melbourne
Grout Cleaning Services Melbourne

Adds to the appearance

Everyone wants to make their home looks the best. After spending so much money on floors, walls or countertops, it is very important that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Unsealed grout will make you to compromise with that. Therefore, to give your house a better and fresh look, it is important to always seal your grout.


We hope that the above article would have helped you to understand the importance of sealing the grout. Sealing of grout is necessary except in the case of Epoxy-based grout. Applying a sealer to the grout is comparatively very easy in case of larger tiles. Seal your grout with a sealer best for your tile. Sealing of grout is not only an aesthetic addition but a structural must. Therefore, to prolong the texture, look and consistency of your grout, to prevent moulds and unwanted microorganisms, seal your grout.  Our Other Services are Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra, Tile and Grout Cleaning Brisbane, Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney and Tile and Grout cleaning Adelaide.

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