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Why Is My Grout Changing Colour?

Not only does grout fill the gaps between the tiles but it also works as an adhesive.Grout is a formulation having some compositions of cement with water and sand. But over time the grout starts changing its colour. This is because of various reasons but it is not good at all. Not only does it make the floor look bad but sometimes become the main reason for the spread of diseases. Therefore, it is also very necessary to make the grouts clean and tidy.

Reasons Of Colour Changes In Grouts

Over a period of time, one may observe some colour changes in the grout. This is because of the following reasons:

  • Dirt Collection – Tiles are highly exposed to dirt, dust and filth which is a common thing. But over a period of time and lack of cleaning of the tiles, these dust and dirt particles start depositing between the grouts. This becomes the main reason behind the turning of grout colour to pale brown or black. It also happens because there is an imbalance between the height levels of tiles and grouts. So, the dirt deposits over the grouts. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the grouts regularly to avoid such issues.
  • Mould Growth – Moulds are the tiny microbes which are not good at all. This sometimes becomes the main reason behind the spread of numerous diseases and infections. Also, they are one of the reasons behind the change in colour of grouts. When some filth isn’t there in the grouts and the conditions are moist, the mould starts growing there. Therefore, they may change the colour of grouts. Sometimes, people do observe some algal blooms too.
  • Dampening – Grouts are made up of sand and cement mixture. But when some water falls over these grouts, it may change the colour of the grout. This is because these grouts have some pores in them. This becomes the medium for the water to get completely into the grouts. Hence, the colour of the grout changes. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the contact of water with the grouts to avoid the colour change of grout.

Get Help From The Professional Grout Cleaners

It is not a good sign if the grout starts changing its colour. If you observe such changes, you must call  professionals. As it is hard for a non-professional individual to handle such situations. Therefore, it is necessary to get help from the professional in such cases. Because not only professionals have good techniques to handle these situations but have proper skills, experience and equipment too. Therefore, Tile and Grout Cleaning in Melbourne is here to help you with the best tiles and grout cleaning services. So, contact us now to make a booking.