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What are Best Home Remedies to Clean Pool Tiles?

Pool tiles are one of the most difficult tasks to clean. Many bacteria, stains and dirt get accumulated on your pool tiles. These bacteria and other contaminants present on the tiles can cause many types of allergens to the users of the pool. So it is very important to clean the pool tiles regularly. Some owners use chemicals to clean their pool which is very harmful to the tiles as well as to the cleaners.

Many chemical solutions are such which can damage your pool tiles gradually. Experts advise to not use these chemical products available in the market and use home remedies for pool tile cleaning. Home remedies are very safe to the tiles and effectively clean it. There are many natural methods through which you can get rid of the dirt particles, stains and allergens present no your pool tiles.

Pool Tile Cleaning Service
Pool Tile Cleaning Service

Best Home Remedies For Pool Tile Cleaning

White Vinegar

White vinegar is the most effective tile cleaning solution. This remedy is used by most of the owners whenever they get down to clean their pool tiles. You can take an equal amount of vinegar and water to prepare this solution. After preparing the solution, apply it on the tiles. Using a sponge you have to scrub your tiles well. Later you can rinse it. Make sure all the solution is out of your tiles and let it dry for some time. This remedy will help your pool tiles to get back its shine and all the calcium build up on tiles will be no more present on it. 

Baking Soda:

This is another best home remedy when it comes to clean the pool tiles. Baking soda will not only help in cleaning the tiles but it will also clean the grout properly. This solution is easily available in every kitchen and is very safe. Moreover, it is a simple method too. All you have to do is take some baking soda and add a little water to it, make a thin paste out of it. You can apply the paste on your pool tiles and scrub it thoroughly. Make sure before you scrub the tiles you are letting the paste stay on the tiles for some time so that it gets settled on tiles. Baking soda works wonderfully for pool tile grout cleaning so get your hands on this home remedy

Olive Oil:

You may wonder how does olive oil help in cleaning the pool tiles but the fact is it the most powerful solution for pool tile cleaning. Many owners do not want oil in their pool but to remove the stickiness or grime from it, oil works wonderfully. You can apply it directly on the tiles and scrub it properly with a sponge. You will see all the stickiness buildup in your pool breaking down with the oil. While washing the tiles make use of dish soap so that all the olive oil comes out of your pool tiles. The result you will receive will be desirable.

Lemon Juice:

Every owner wishes to have shining pool tiles so to make it gleaming you can even make use of lemon juice. This solution is well known for cleaning various types of tiles and it can also be used for pool tile cleaning. Lemon juice solution helps in removing the rust, calcium build-up and grime from your pool tiles. You can mix some salt with lemon juice for an effective result. Pour some lemon juice solution on your pool tiles and with the help of sponge scrub it gently. Use the proper method while scrubbing and make sure all the rust and other contaminants residing on your pool tiles are coming out.

Take The Help Of Professionals

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