Efflorescence Removal

Efflorescence is the development of salts like depositions at the surface of a tile or concrete. It looks like a white stain, white coloured powder, or decolourization at the edge of a tile. It will never make you sick, unlike mould. But the excess dampness can produce mould, and it can create health issues for you.          

Efflorescence is largely found on the house slabs, garage walls, and floors, concrete, basement walls, sidewalks, etc.

At Ses Tile Grout Cleaning, you will be left happy and satisfied with the instant services for the removal of efflorescence.

Things That We Will Do For Efflorescence Removal:

Our tile cleaning professionals will go the extra mile to assist you with the best of the methods and cleaning products. Their assistance will help you in maintaining the sparkle and shine for a long time:

  • We will use a prepared solution for removing the particles of efflorescence.
  • We will proceed further by using one more chemical as a prevention method so that the leftover stains can also be removed.
  •  For some shard areas, a handheld or rotating machine will be used to take out the extra dust and deposits.
  • The use of silicone and regrouting work will make the area watertight. Do not worry! We will use the method after your recommendation.
  • We can instantly replace the loose missing tiles.

The advantage of an efflorescence removal

Prevention is the best cure for efflorescence removal. You can not ignore efflorescence as it may cause huge destruction after being converted into a mould. If you will not check the efflorescence growth promptly then you will have to pay for the high maintenance cost for efflorescence removal.

For any Efflorescence Removal recommendation, you can contact our local professionals, and we will be happy to assist you.