Anti-Slip Coating

Get Service To Avoid Slippery Tiles

Tiles may look great, but only if you take care of them. Without proper maintenance, the tiles get dirty, and it becomes slippery. As a result, an accident can happen at any time. To prevent the accident, you have to pay special attention to your tile and grout cleaning. Therefore, our team offers an anti-slip coating service. The coating will give protection against the algal and moss formation over the tiles. Also, it helps in keeping the tiles clean, as it does not allow dirt and dust to build up.

Therefore, if you want the best for your tiles, contact us immediately and avail of our services. 

Our Anti Slip Coating Procedure

If you contact us for an emergency anti-slip coating service, we will send our local experts right away. Moreover, we bring everything with us. So, you don’t have to do anything other than contacting us.

We are available for coating different types of tiles and stones. Our specialist uses three types of anti-slip coating. They are-

·         Non-slip nano-coating

·         Pre-mixed non-slip surface coating

·         Coating plus a non-slip additive

No matter how badly affected your tiles are, we will clean them with utmost care. Once we clean the tiles, our experts will layer the tiles with a suitable anti-slip coating. So there will be no more accidents because of a slippery tile. However, we advise you to keep the coating in check to avail of our tile and grout maintenance services from our experts.

How Does Our Anti Slip Coating Help To Keep The Tiles Clean?

We can measure the damage of your dirty tiles efficiently. It will help to assess the situation and to provide you with the best treatment. If the tiles get water and external exposure, they tend to accumulate dirt and pollutants. As a result, the tiles become prone to fungal and algal growths. Now the algal and fungal growths can damage the tiles, making them slippery. Due to the loss of friction, accidents due to a slippery tile can happen without your knowledge. That is why our team provides anti-slip coating. It will keep your tiles clean, shiny, and slip-resistant. Contact us today to book our tile cleaning services.