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Remove Tile Grout With Few Simple Steps

When you wake up and suddenly, you notice that your tiles are seeming dirty. You have two options to clean your grout or ask professionals for regrouting services. If your grout is deeply exhausted with dirt or other contaminations, you must change your grout. Removing tile grout is a notably easy and simple task but consume your much time. Generally, it depends on the size of the tile area Or, if you know what is the simple way to remove grout, you can easily do your work without any trouble.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners
Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners

Why Do This?

  • Your current grout may be mouldy and hard to remove. And, sometimes removing grout is easier than cleaning.
  • It is possible that the colour of grout is no more pleasing for you and you want to change it. You can also apply the process of grout recolouring but the removing and then grout colouring is a more effective way.
  • Or if your grout is cracked and falling out from somewhere. Rather than repairing, you can remove it.

Easy Ways to Remove Grout

Collect Necessary Tools:

You must have all the necessary tools for removing the tile grout. It is very necessary before starting your work. Some are ordinary hand tool and power tools which can be used in grout removing. But working as a pro, you can lease some tools such as Grout Getter, Dremel or buying a tool kit is the best option. Buy too safety glasses, a utility knife with a dull blade, small flat-head screwdriver and shop vacuum cleaner.

Use Power Tool for Ripping The Grout:

For removing the grout, you have to fit the oscillating tool with a blade which is specially designed for tile or grout. Then, you can start by holding the tool horizontally or vertically (depending on the grout line). Now, turn on the power and then press the blade toward grout slightly. Just, let the power tool do its work. Don’t apply too much your power. For any further information, you can get help from our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners Perth.

Set The Angle of Power Tool:

Once, you have done your work of removing grout from the side by holding the power tool horizontally. Now gently, set the angle of power tool to remove remaining grout. Make sure that you are working properly and do not damage the edges of your tile. If you haven’t any experience of working with tools, you can easily hire professional grout removal services from our experts.

Use a Screwdriver to Scrape Grout:

After removing the grout as much as possible, now you have to use a screwdriver to remove remaining small chunks of grout which are left between the tiles. You can also use a utility knife to remove small grout chunks. Do not use a sharp knife because it can be sharpened for your tiles. So, be careful and complete your work with full consideration.

Vacuum The Surface:

In the last step, just you have to continually vacuum your grout surface. You can also use it during the process to make your work easy. But, at the end of work vacuum your grout surface thoroughly once again. It is not enough to remove the grout, you have to regrout the area. And, for getting professional grout cleaning tips, you can hire our specialists.

Tile Cleaning Service
Tile Cleaning Service

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