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Natural and Simple Ways to Keep Your Tiles Fresh

For floors, we have a lot of choices, but nowadays people are much interested in tiles. Tiles are long-lasting, multifaceted, charming and can gently enhance the look of your house. On the other side, tiles lose their shine with time, they get yellow dirty spots. Also, daily cleaning or mopping can keep it clean for some time. But it needs Professional Tile Cleaning and different natural ways to retain its shine. If you like to clean your tiles on your own with natural cleansers, keep reading and know about them. 

Keep Your Tiles Fresh And Clean
Keep Your Tiles Fresh And Clean

Natural Ways to Keep The Tile Floor Clean and Fresh

To get the shine back of your floor tiles you can go for Professional Tile And Grout Steam Cleaning, or either there are some DIY( do-it-yourself  ) techniques which can easily help you to clean your tiles. Even the products which will be used in cleaning can be collected from your nearby general store. Here are a few natural cleaning solutions which will help you to remove dirt and dust from your tile flooring.

  • Lemon Cleaning Solution

    Add lemon peels (or any citrus peel) into the solution of white vinegar in a plastic container and store it for two or three weeks to sit. Now, mix the citrus-vinegar to get a mixed solution, pour one-third the mixture in a spray bottle and it’s ready for cleaning the tiles, floors, kitchen platforms, bathrooms, washbasins, etc. It will also give a nice lemony fragrance. For cleaning your tiles as Expert Tile Cleaners do, just spray the mixture on the dirt and clean it by a cloth or you can rinse it with water.
  • Make Solution With Baking Soda

    Extracting the spots or stains with baking soda, use the DIY technique to clean your floor tile. Take a quarter cup of white vinegar, 3 teaspoons of liquid dish wash soap, a quarter cup of baking soda, and a half cup of boiling water. You can also add a few drops of Rose essential oil for flowery fragrance. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle and clean the spots or stains present on floors with the help of mopping cloth. For removing stubborn stains, call professionals for Tile Stain Removal Services as it will not fade the colour of your tiles.
  • Disinfecting Germs and Antibodies

    Take one cup of chlorine bleach mixed with a half cup of hot water and mix well. Just mop your floor with this mixture. This solution will kill germs and viruses present on tiles at the same time it will clean your floor.
    Note: The mixture will best work on tiles or vinyl flooring, it can’t be used on wooden floors. For Wooden Floor tile, you should get expert help.
  • Alcohol and Mint Wash

    Take white vinegar and rubbing alcohol, and water in equal quantity and then, add one-third tsp. of liquid dish soap and a few drops of peppermint essential oils. Use the solution for mopping your floor. Peppermint in this solution also put off mice and ants.
Keep The-Tile Floor Clean and Fresh
Keep The-Tile Floor Clean and Fresh

Professional Treatment for Eliminating The Mildew of Mould

Here is a method to remove the fungus (mould) from your bathroom or shower areas. Lemon juice and baking powder in equal quantity. Layout the mixture on the fungus or mildew area and leave for a few hours, and then rinse it with water and mop the floor.

This will make your floor tiles free from the green spots and fungus. If the situation is out of control, you should hire Shower Floor Mould Removal Service from Marks Tile Grout Cleaning Melbourne. At this reliable place, we offer professional services with quality procedures and Budget-friendly policy. So, call us now to get services anywhere.