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Is It Fine to Put New Grout on The Old One?

Interior designing is in trend nowadays. There is a plunge in the home décor business for the millennial in the present world. They not only opt for best outside beauty for their home but also care for interior finishing as well. This craving of them forces them to choose only the best for their home.

One such thing is the tiling of washrooms and kitchens. The tiling with exotic and beautiful tiles in washrooms and kitchens not only increases their beauty and elegance but also protects them from dirt and debris accumulation. 

These tiles are held onto the concrete and plastered walls and floors with grouts. Grouts are the mixture used to fix the tiles on the walls and floors and make them water-sealed. But with time, this grout starts fading. So is it good to just put the new grout on the old one? A straight no. New grout should never be applied to old grout. This also affects tile and grout cleaning done to maintain these tiles areas of your home. Tile cleaning is a must to maintain the health of tiles and the home from inside. 

Is It Fine to Put New Grout on The Old One
Is It Fine to Put New Grout on The Old One

Why is Replacing The Grout is Better Than Keeping The Old?

Old grout, not only does it start fading away as soon as it gets aged but also weakens the strength of other groups as well. This not only damages the integrity of the tiles but also raises the serious issue of water leakage and seeping through the walls. 

Applying new grout over the old ones will be like applying Band-Aid to a laceration, where stitches are needed. Traditionally, all the old grout should be cut out and scraped before the new grout is put in. This will protect them from being prone to water seepage through the pores. This also helps in the tile and grout cleaning process. 

How Putting a New Over Old Grout Affects The Tiles?

The old grouts have pores, sheds, and certain breakages in various places, which is just getting filled with the new grout. Even after grouting new ones, the old ones will keep on falling behind them, weakening them every moment and endangering the tiles from inside.

Applying new grout on the old ones does make them look beautiful, and saves a lot of time and money, but it’s of no use. After some time, during routine tile and grout, they start falling off, as all they are is a thin slice of cover over the old grouts. This compels the household to repeat the whole process all over again and costs them even more. 

Put New Grout on The Old One
Put New Grout on The Old One

What Can Be Done to Avoid This Situation?

The proper discussion and consultation from the professionals regarding this situation should be made. Sometimes, improper planning leads to horrific situations, which can affect a person both physically and economically. So it is advised to consult professionals and interior designing companies and décor experts to get the best possible way of grout replacement. Also, the following session of tile and grout cleaning is advised to clean any leftovers from the process.

It is considered to hire some professionals to complete the grout replacement. Though you don’t have to find much, as “Tile Grout Cleaning in Brisbane”, who handles tile and grout cleaning, also specializes in the grout replacement as well. So all you have to do is to ring them once, and they will guide you through the whole process, step by step.

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