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How You Can Effectively Clean your Tiles at Home?

Everyone wants their home to be neat and clean. A clean house leads to the formation of a healthy and disease-free home. If you are unable to keep your home tiles clean on your own then this article will help you to do so.

You can use home remedies like baking soda to keep your tiles clean. The only thing you need to know is how to use it and how to do tile and grout cleaning from that solution. These home solutions are very effective.

How You Can Effectively Clean your Tiles at Home
How You Can Effectively Clean your Tiles at Home

These Methods Do Not Have Any Side Effects and are Safe to Use:

Clean your Tiles at Regular Intervals:

If you want to keep your tiles clean in an effective manner at your home then you have to clean them regularly. Let us consider that you have not cleaned your tiles in a while. What will happen? Your tiles will get too dirty and stains will get permanent. If this happens then you have to clean your tile with chemicals. This may degrade the quality of your tile. So to avoid this, it is very important to clean them at regular intervals of time. You can choose any two or three days a week to clean them. 

For tile and grout cleaning you have to do some things daily. Vacuum your home tiles daily or at least 4 days a week. You can use warm water for mopping once or twice a week. Keep in mind to clean your tiles immediately when it is put on any stains. Even if water falls on the tile, wipe it immediately.

Grout Cleaning is Must:

Grouting is a process of filling the spaces left between the tiles using grout. Grout is generally a powder-like substance. Keeping grout clean is the most important step in cleaning your home tiles. A cleaned grout makes a tile look bright. You can keep your grout clean using the following steps:

  • Take baking soda and water and mix it to form a mixture.
  • Apply this paste on the grout. Be careful while doing it.
  • Keep the paste on the grout for the time according to how dirty the grout is.
  • Take any brush to rub the paste and then cleanse the scrubbed paste with water.∙
tile and grout cleaning services
tile and grout cleaning services

Homemade Solutions for Cleaning Tile at Home:

All the points mentioned above were some of the ways by which you can keep your tiles clean. Now, let us see some home remedies for tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane:

  • Using Water and Ammonia:

    Make a mixture of ammonia and water taking the same amount of both. Apply the mixture on mildew or stain on the tile floor and then scrub it. Rinse it after some time and your tile is clean now.
  • Using Kerosene for Cleaning Rust on Tiles:

    You can use kerosene on the part of the tile where rust is visible. After scrubbing the area with kerosene rinse it with warm water. Don’t forget to wear gloves before using kerosene.
  • Vinegar Solution:

    You can mix vinegar in warm water for mopping the floor. Mopping with this solution will remove all the spots on your tiles and they will shine like they are new.∙

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