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How to Get your Tile Ready for An Upcoming Get Together?

Repair your damaged tile using Grout Medic. Get a free estimate on call today.

Since all apartments, offices and their bathrooms have tiled surfaces, it is important to understand that they are not durable. They might be strong but may not hold much longer without proper care. We walk over them hundreds of times throughout the day paying attention only when something is dropped or spilled. Which in a way shows our involvement in caring about our property. The Grout Medic is the best tile and grout cleaning in Canberra there is, that takes each tile issue seriously in order to proloing its lifespan.

Professional Cleaning is Necessary

You may have cleaned your tiles once or maybe twice a week for the last six months with detergent and vinegar to observe your tiles’ whiteness deteriorating. This is because vinegar and detergent are too harsh for bathroom tiles and have no effect after a period of time and cleaners that you buy over the counter are ineffective too. On top of that, the brushes and pads you acquired turn out to be way too abrasive causing the tiles and grout to be harmed by water and mold. Cleaning your tiles with vinegar would be environment friendly but its acidic influence may cause more harm to your tiles than you imagined.

Therefore, professionally cleaning your tile by The Great Medic is a great way to prevent contaminants to build-up on the surface of your tile and grout. Grout Medic maintains that you must have your tiles deep-cleaned at least twice a year. Surfaces with high-traffic such as floors and showers need cleaning. A greener one at that. By green cleaning we mean a method that does not use harsh chemicals and pollute the indoor air-quality.

The Grout Medic uses PH balanced treatment that ensures longevity of your tile and grout. It specializes in pre-treatment as well with harmless chemicals and a low-pressure cleaning system to rejuvenate the tile

It’s amazing how our tile cleaning system uses only hot water to clean the surface.

Tile Repair is a Performance Art Carried Out by Specialists at The Grout Medic

After some time, you will notice that your tile is aging and the grout cleaning will need special attention. Even the well-maintained surfaces cannot go beyond a point. Tiles may start severing and may even start coming off. One loose tile will start a series of loose tiles and before you know it, the tiles make room for the mud beneath the surface and contaminate the area of the house.

You might not think of replacing the tile immediately but acting immediately will save you plenty of time and money from incurring extra losses on water damage repair.

In case you have been advised by your tile contractor to replace the whole tile or tile set, you may consider calling The Grout Medic for a second opinion. Consultation over the phone is absolutely free.

Be ready for invited as well as the uninvited guests by choosing a reliable important of grout sealing like The Grout Medic.

We have been repairing and replacing tile surfaces for close to two decades so we have an inkling as to how to deal with issues no matter their intensity.

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