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How To Clean Tiles Correctly

Nobody is using any flooring other than tiles these days. Tile flooring gives your place a dashing look. It completes your house. However, over a course of time, the tiles start losing their shine. Therefore, you need to follow a cleaning regime every time. However, cleaning tiles is not an easy task. First and foremost, you should know that different types of tiles need different methods of cleaning in order to get the required results. But do not worry, because this blog consists of the easiest ways to clean different tiles correctly. 

Clean Tiles Correctly

Method Of Cleaning Porcelain Tiles

  • Vacuum: Firstly, it is very important to get rid of the dust from the tiles before you begin cleaning them. So vacuum using a soft brush because these tiles are a bit sensitive.
  • Avoid Chemicals: Porcelain tiles are sensitive as well as they have a water-resistant layer on them. Using harsh chemicals like ammonia, bleach, acid, etc, will eliminate the qualities of the layer as well as damage the tile.
  • Use Warm Water: Porcelain tiles can be cleaned using warm water. Just mop the surface using warm water. 
  • Use Detergent: If the tiles are grubbier then you can mix some mild detergent with warm water. After mopping the tiles with detergent make sure that you again mop them with plain warm water to get rid of the residue detergent.

Methods Of Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

  • Vacuum: Same as porcelain tiles, before beginning the cleaning process make sure that you get rid of all the dirt and debris from your tile. A swoop of vacuum cleaner will be enough.
  • Mop: For a daily regime, you should simply use warm water to mop the ceramic tiles. Make sure that you use a non-fibrous cloth. Moreover, make sure that you do not over-wet the cloth. Over-wetting the cloth will push a lot of water into the tiles which can be damaging.
  • Use Soap: If you are not able to get rid of the stubborn grime by just using warm water. Then just use a little bit of soap with the warm water and mop the grime away.

Methods To Clean Polished Tiles

  • Vacuum: Never forget vacuuming your tiles before starting the whole cleaning routine. If you do not then you will just end up pushing the dirt in your tiles than removing it.
  • Mop The Tiles: Always use a chamois-style mop to clean your polished tiles. Other fabric can do a lot more harm than good to your tiles glossiness. A chamois-style mop will help in maintaining the glaze of polished tiles.
  • Dry Your Tiles: Drying polished tiles is very important. So, use a microfiber cloth to dry out your tiles after the cleaning process. Wet tiles will attract more dust particles therefore, it is crucial to dry them.

Methods To Clean Natural Stone Tiles

  • Use The Right Solution: These natural stone tiles are made of granite, slate, marble, etc. They can be easily damaged by the harsh chemicals in any random cleaning product. Therefore, you should use the right product if you want to thoroughly clean them. 

Deep Cleaning tiles need professional assistance. Because only professionals know which products are to be used in cleaning different types of tiles. It is advised to use cleaning products only under professional help or guidance.

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