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How to Clean Mould in Shower Tile and Grout Naturally

It is one of the most frequently asked questions and it is also the most common one. You might be facing this problem for a very long time and never get a particular solution for the same. The problem persists with everyone but not all of us have a particular solution for this. You might take help from the ‘Tiles and grout cleaning’ services for the same if the problem is out of your control. In this module, you will get to see some solutions for the most common problem with the deep explanation of each solution related to it. You may also find some don’ts related to the topic that you might overlook. 

Tile and Grout Naturally Service
Tile and Grout Naturally Service

Use of Acetic Acid or Vinegar

You can use mild acetic acid since it is corrosive in nature and due to its acidity it is quite able to remove the molds and other stain spots that developed around the tiles and shower .It is one of the most quite applicable method to remove the stains and molds which you can use to get yourself free from this problem. Well, it is not the method which is widely used in tile and grout cleaning naturally. Another property of vinegar which may help you is its low viscosity, which helps it to reach inaccessible places. It is mainly due to its some certain characteristics which makes it more widely applicable than other acids. This method is ideal for granite cleaning, looking at the texture and properties of granite. There are certain other materials and rocks which do not resist the corrosiveness of acids and its by-products. What to do in such conditions, ask a professional for the use of any acid before.  

Baking Soda As Another Preference

Baking soda can also be used for the same. You can use it with the combination of vinegar. It can also be used in ‘tile and grout cleaning in Adelaide‘ for cleaning the tiles and grout. Due to its high cleansing capacity and power it is widely used in other cleansing agents of different industries. You can apply the combination of lemon in place of vinegar for the same. Keep in mind that the acid you are using is not corrosive enough since corrosive acids could have a strong impact on the shining and polishing of the shower and other hardware sets. Especially in the case of some certain substances like granite it is highly prohibited to use strong acids. Granite cleaning is never done by using corrosive chemicals and acids. Acids due to their spontaneous reaction can cause severe damage to their shine and allure, but if you are concerned with using mild acid there is not a single problem at all.

Clean Mould in Shower Tile and Grout Naturally
Clean Mould in Shower Tile and Grout Naturally

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