How Do You Re-grout Tiles?

Grouting tiles is a very important procedure if you are installing tiles on your rooms, tile and grout cleaning, bathrooms or anywhere in your apartment. Grouting refers to the process where you add a mixture of water cement and sand together to fill in or connect tiles together.

Re-grouting is necessary at times so as to ensure that the tiles are still strongly fixed, that they do not loosen up and come out at any time. Re-grouting does not require any kinds of professional Marks Tile Grout Cleaning expertise. If you know your way and you have the things you need for re-grouting, you are good to go.

The re-grouting is very cost effective in restoring your bathroom and gives your tiles a fresh look after years of being used. You need not relay new tiles if you know and you are confident about the process of re-grouting, also tile and grout cleaning in Brisbane.
Tile Re-grouting

Things you Need for Regrouting

Some of the basic things that you need for regrouting are:

  1. Manual grout removal tool
  2. Angle grinder
  3. Cement
  4. Sand
  5. Water

Best Grout is basically a mixture of cement, sand and water. It can be used to fill in gaps between tiles.

Steps to Follow for Re-grouting:

If grouting is done in the proper way in the first step you might not need to re-grout for years at a stretch. But when you need it, you should be ready for it. The steps below will guide you to re-grout the right way.

Re grout Tile Service
Re grout Tile Service

The Steps Are:

  • First you need to select a proper grout color. There are multiple colors available in the markets and make sure you select the one which goes well with your tiles. Ultimately you need to ensure that the grout does not stand out too oddly from the tiles. Furthermore you need to ensure that the color of your new grout matches that of the old one as well.
  • Secondly you need to remove the old grout. Try to remove as much of the old grout as possible. This will ensure that the new grout works more effectively and has a huge role to play in keeping the tiles attached for a longer duration of time. Remove the old grout as gently as possible ensuring that the tiles are not harmed in any way. You can make use of a sharp knife or grout saw.
  • Clean the tiles with the use of damp cloth. Make sure to remove as much dust and gritty particles from the tiles and around it so as to be the process.
  • Mix the grout, mix the color with it.
  • Apply the grout on the locations in a diagonal manner.
  • Use a sharp slider to remove any kinds of excess grout and clean the tiles again with a damp cloth.
  • Remove excess grout and repeat the process of tile grout cleaning in Adelaide as many times as it is necessary.
  • Use a grout sealer in the end to make sure that the grout does not wear off easily.

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