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5 Common Tile Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Cleanliness is a must for health, in this pandemic when nature has punished us with COVID-19; it is safe to keep our surroundings free of germs. Proper care and sanitization of the house is mandatory, especially there are some particular areas in every house which needs full care and everyday moppings like kitchen and washroom areas because of the tiles that have been used while making it.

Most of the well off population prefer to use tiles just to fix one’s gaze; moreover, people make tiled halls outside the door as it adds a different look to that place in huge apartments. However, the problem arises when your beautiful and expensive interior starts giving a horrible impression. No doubt with the passage of time the shine of even superior things get demolished but sometimes it depends on us, how we look after our things and how we maintain the finishing of our belongings.

Moreover, tiles in a house are a kind of showpiece which needs regular cleaning and this is the most inviting part of a house. So, cleaning and rinsing of tiles should be added in our daily routine with a proper check whereas sometimes when we wash off the floor tiles, we make minor mistakes which might have major results.

 Tile Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making
Tile Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

5 Common Mistakes of Tile and Grout Cleaning:

  • The most common mistake by some of us is scrubbing the tiles harshly with any hard or uncomfortable cloth even some people use wire wool to remove the stains from the tiles by dipping it in hazardous chemicals which always spread that stain instead of removing it permanently. However, wire wool is a small piece of steel threads basically used to rub a hard surface, whilst the tiles require a smooth brush to be cleaned. So, the scrubbing must be done with soft and spongy cloth.
  • Apart from this, leaving spills sitting for too long leads to worsening the condition of tiles. Because when the stain becomes resistant to the tiled floor then the dirt day by day starts soaking into the tiles which need extra efforts as well as consume more time to clean. Moreover, these stubborn stains lead to disastrous effects on the tiles.
  • Furthermore, using more and more water while cleaning tiles might have negative effects or we can say this is the biggest mistake we do not notice while washing our floor tiles because the grouts between the tiles are porous and by adding extra water the grouts of those tiles soaked the dirty water, after some time that grouts or lines between the tiles start spotting dark and always remain full of germs.
  • Using inappropriate vacuuming tools is also not applicable while rinsing tiles, some individuals use many of their household items like vinegar etcetera to clean the tiles which leads to scratches or rashes on it. They need to understand that it may damage the furbish of the tiles, therefore, brushing the affected area evenly and carefully is the prime way to start, so the dust will first need to be removed before mopping.
  • The other familiar fault is that almost half of the crowd use one and the same dirty mop again and again although it is a fact that the mop that we use in our house on a day to day routine, contains a maximum number of germs as we clean our whole house with it so the thing that is helpful to clean our surrounding may itself be the reason of destruction one day. So, it is better to replace your wipers once or twice a month. Also, the following session of tile and grout cleaning Brisbane is advised to clean any leftovers from the process.
Best Tile Cleaning Services
Best Tile Cleaning Services

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