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4 Things Not to Try When It Comes to Tile and Grout Cleaning

One prominent solution for tile and grout cleaning is to pull-up your sleeves and start working on cleaning it.

There are countless ways to clean your floor starting from mopping it with water to advanced antibacterial chemicals and home based remedies like mixing water with vinegar. However, the question is, do any of these fixes serve the purpose we expect from them? What do experts really have to say about keeping the tile and grout cleaned?

Let’s take a look at some helpful tricks.

Tile and grout Cleaning Services

Do Not Depend on Easy Solutions

As appealing as it may sound, do not fall for the information you find on the internet on slate tile grout cleaning in Melbourne. There are DIY articles and videos floating across the internet about cleaning your tile and grout but they are seldom helpful. Some of them are as basic as using detergent to keep your bathroom clean, and using vinegar is as subjective as the last joke you found funny. While it may be helpful in cleaning a lot of deep-seated dirt, using it on grout and tile might not bring the results you expect. Depend on pH-level basic solutions for cleaning.

Never Use a Scouring Pad or Brush

There are too many stubborn soiled surfaces in almost every corner of our house that we think need a deep cleaning but every dirty grout and tile does not require tennis elbow-inducing effort. Using non-relevant brushes and pads will only damage the surface of your tile more which may lead to breaking of the grout that the brush or pad may not be able to remove the dirt from, in future.

Avoid Jet Cleaners As Much As Possible

The shower cleaner you use to get rid of mold and gunk on the bathroom floor might be the best recommendation you may have received on the internet but it barely helps clean the grime trapped in between the tiles. The cleaner may be able to undo the dirt flecked on the surface but the same will be transferred into the grout and will take frequent visits to scrub off the dirt.

Don’t Just Use Any Brush

Make sure you have placed a doormat outside the bathroom or inside the bathroom to reduce the amount of incoming dirt. While an all-purpose brush is effective in most cases, there are surfaces that need stronger bristles that are able to tackle away the dirt outside the grout and into the drain.

Hence, using a scouring powder with a soft bristled brush and warm water you will be able to remove the stains settled in the grout.

Substances like vinegar may be useful in grout cleaning but continuous use may wear away the tiles. Therefore, using solutions like dish soap or cornstarch along with a soft bristled-brush is a handy way to get rid of muck on a daily basis.

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